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As Johanna in
My costume for KISS ME.
The Richard Avedon photo. From left to right: Jack Eric Williams, Ken Jennings, Edmund Lyndeck, Merle Louise, Joaquin Romaguera, Len Cariou, Angela Lansbury, Victor Garber, and me.
With my ever trusty reticule.
With Robby Hendersen backstage in the men's dressing room. There and Angela's dressing room were the two most fun places to hang out.
One of Rob Hendersen's many beautiful gifts to me was his rendition of the Hirschfield drawing of SWEENEY. Instead of Ninas he put Sarahs.
With Frank Kopyc and Cris Groenendaal backstage in the men's dressing room. Knitting and needlepoint was very big with the cast.
In rehearsal with (left to right) Alan Hall, Ed Lyndeck, Jack Eric Williams , Hal Prince, me, Victor Garber, and Artie Masella.
Rehearsal with Angela Lansbury, Len Cariou, and Stephen Sondheim.
Paul Gemignani during rehearsal.
A Christmas card from Fred Dimock who was a dresser on the show. He drew a card of each of us in character as strippers shakin' our stuff.
My Blackglama ad. My cat, Chaucer, who was supposed to be in this ad as well, freaked when we got to the shoot, so we couldn't use him. However, they still drove him home in his own limousine. I didn't get to keep the coat.

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