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As The Girl in
the original production of
Off-Broadway (it's still running)
with David Brummel (El Gallo)
and Ralph Bruneau (The Boy).
The Norkin drawing featuring left to right above:
Robert Tennenhouse, Robert Brigham and Lore Noto. Dancing across the bottom are (left to right) Jay Hampton, Sarah Rice, Michael Glenn-Smith and James Cook with Chapman Roberts the play's bearded narrator
My lobby headshot.
With Hal Robinson, Robert Brigham and friend.
From right, David Rexroad, Ralph Bruneau, me, Lore Noto, Sy Travers and Tom Flagg.
With James Cook and Seamus O'Brian, trying to put up the Fantasticks Lane street sign. (I don't do well with heights).
With James Cook, Seamus O'Brian, Chapman Roberts, Harvey Schmidt, Lore Noto, and Tom Jones.

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